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Clean Air Airabella

The Comfort Mechanical Enterprises Patented AiraBella System

Germ free air in about an hour of normal HVAC operation

  • Did you know that the EPA has discovered that your indoor air may be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air?
  • Did you also know The American Lung Association reports the number of people with asthma has gone up 59% since 1970 and asthma related deaths are up 68% since 1979?
  • Did you know right now, in your own home, there are things like bacteria, mold, dust mites, viruses and fungus lurking in your air?

Comfort Mechanical Enterprises has the solution to these problems!

The indoor humidity found in heating and air conditioning systems is actually an ideal breeding ground for contaminates, much like an underground damp cellar or basement. These heating and air conditioning units move large volumes of air throughout our buildings, and rapidly spread these unhealthy organisms while the occupants are unaware. As we took a look around the inside of the air-handling system we came up with a solution.

The solution simply put is light, not ordinary light but a healthy germicidal ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light has been around since essentially the “big bang” of the universe. Germicidal ultraviolet light is just now finding its way to more common uses for customers.

Here’s How the Clean Air AiraBella Works:

Germicidal ultraviolet light has the intense energy levels to blast through the outer structure of living micro-organisms and viruses and damages their structural and genetic molecules. This damage prevents those undesirable organisms from replicating, causing them to die. I know what you’re thinking, it can’t be that easy. But yes in a nutshell it’s really just that simple!

Our patented AiraBella product can help you produce germ-free indoor air so you and the people you depend on can live and breath easy!