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The Articmaster is an energy-saving product without competition. To date, there has been a lack of energy saving alternatives in the industry that can be applied to HVAC/Refrigeration equipment that increases efficiency while decreasing energy consumption. Consumers have been reliant upon equipment manufacturers to deliver the most efficient unit possible. An increase in efficiency typically results in substantial increased cost in manufacturing, making manufacturers hesitant to produce units with higher efficiency.

The Articmaster is the only product in the industry that can be applied to both new and replacement HVAC/Refrigeration equipment. There are no other refrigerant controls that work to improve the efficiency of the refrigerant, which improves the overall efficiency of the HVAC/Refrigeration system by 16% to 20%.

Articmaster Applications
The chief function of the Articmaster is to increase the capacity of the condenser. This increased capacity enhances the condenser’s ability to reject heat, which in turn reduces the compressor’s load and lowers amperage draw and energy consumption.

The Articmaster varies and controls the amount of refrigerant held in the condenser for heat rejection. The hotter the ambient temperature, the less refrigerant is held back in the condenser coils (and the more refrigerant resides in the Articmaster). The colder it gets, the more refrigerant is held back in the condenser coils.

Refrigerants work most efficiently within a narrow band of pressure and temperature. The Articmaster allows the refrigerant level in the condenser to adjust and remain closer to the most efficient band of temperature and pressure. The Articmaster is a simple device that employs complex principles (including fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and diurnal variation) to optimize system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Designed For Reliability:

The Articmaster is designed with quality, reliability and recyclability in mind. With no moving parts, other than a single float ball to indicate refrigerant flow, there is nothing to break or wear out. In addition, the Articmaster does not require water, electricity and any additional source of energy to improve the efficiency of Air-Conditioning or Refrigeration Systems.

Long Life:

With a 10-year warranty and a much longer lifetime of 10 years, the Articmaster will last longer than the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipments.

Easy To Install:

Articmaster installation is simple and fast. A certified HVAC professional should be able to install an Articmaster typically in 2 to three hours. Some basic training is required, and our technical manual contains Information and Checklist to qualify a HVAC tech to be a certified Articmaster installer.

Short Payback Period:

The Articmaster improves the efficiency of Air-Conditioning or Refrigeration Systems and pay for itself usually within three years. In some cases where the application is continuous, the payback period is less than two years.

Reduced Amperage Draw:

The Articmaster reduces head pressure in the system, thus lowering the amperage draws on the compressor motor. The reduced head pressure of the system also lowers the liquid refrigerant temperature.

Less Compressor Run-Time:

The Articmaster enables your cooling system to remove more Heat with a cooler liquid refrigerant. Studies show that, with Articmaster, the Air Conditioner will run less frequently. Less run time equals less energy consumption. The Articmaster provides proper cooling with improved efficiency.

Extend Compressor Life:

The Articmaster will extend the life of the compressor in several ways. First, the Articmaster creates turbulent flow of refrigerant which serves to circulate oil throughout the refrigerant line and move it to the compressor where it is needed. A well lubricated compressor last longer. Secondly, with Articmaster, the compressor runs less frequently, and thus experiences less wear and tear. Thirdly, reduced head pressure translates to less strain on the compressor and longer life.

A Green Product will Perform MORE Work with LESS Energy:

The Articmaster is a Green Product that increases the Air-Conditioning or Refrigeration System’s Efficiency, by providing proper cooling using less energy.