rms1The RMS-1, like the Articmaster, is a mechanical device installed in the refrigerant circulation line of HVAC equipment. However, where the Articmaster improves efficiency at the condenser, the RMS-1 works to improve efficiency at the evaporator. The RMS-1 models achieve about 8 to 12% energy savings. The RMS-1 was designed expressly for the refrigeration market. The RMS-1 is installed downstream of the expansion device.


  • Short Payback Period: The RMS-1 can save enough electricity to pay for itself usually within two years. In some cases the payback period is less than one year.
  • Greater Heat Absorption In The Evaporator: The RMS-1 serves to create a greater surface area of the refrigerant as it vaporizes in the evaporator. This greater surface area enables better absorption of heat.
  • Designed for Reliability: No electronics means greater reliability.
  • Durable: Small, compact and ruggedly constructed, the RMS-1 is capable of standing up to the most punishing conditions. Unlike more conventional mechanical devices, it requires no adjustments or maintenance. The unit can be installed in both air and water cooled systems and is compatible with virtually all types of refrigerants including blends and synthetics, except Ammonia. The RMS-1 is fully patented and is proudly made in the USA. Over twenty years of research has gone into the design of the product.
  • Long Life: With a 10-year warranty and an expected lifetime of 30 years, the RMS-1 will out live the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  • Easy To Install: RMS-1 installation is simple and fast. A certified HVAC professional can install an the RMS-1 typically in 2 to 3 hours. Some basic training is required, and our technical manual contains information to qualify an HVAC tech to be a certified installer.
  • Made In The USA: The RMS-1 is made with superior quality using automated equipment at an ISO-9000 certified manufacturer.