Flute Valve

The Flute Valve is a passive mechanical device with interior fins that serve to create a turbulent flow. It is useful where long pipe runs Flute Valve creates a more uniform, swirling refrigerant flow that reduces the boundary layer and insulating effects of a more laminar flow inside the refrigerant piping. Flute Valves are installed about every 20 to 30 feet of piping, and always just before the metering device.


  • Improved cooling: The Flute Valve will enable the refrigerant to micro-atomize or expand at a greater rate than normal when it is forced into a swirling motion immediately before being passed through a metering results in greater cooling.
  • Enhanced oil migration: The turbulent refrigerant flow created by the Flute Valves serves to circulate the oil in the refrigerant loop. Stagnant oil in the refrigerant piping acts as an insulator and a flow restrictor.
  • Extend Compressor Life: The improved oil circulation enabled by the Flute Valves will move more oil back into the compressor where it is intended to be. Some customers have reported sharp drops in compressor failures after implementing Flute Valves.
  • Designed for Reliability: With no moving parts in the Flute Valve, there is nothing to break or wear out.
  • Easy to Install: The Flute Valve is as easy to install as any filter or dryer.