maxresdefault-2 POWERHOUSE
The POWERHOUSE energy saving/power conditioning system is at the forefront of energy conservation products. Created over years of research and development, THE POWERHOUSE has a proven record of energy savings and increased equipment efficiency. Read more…

articmaster-featured-image The Articmaster®
The Articmaster® is a product without competition. To date, there has been a lack of energy saving alternatives in the industry that can be applied to HVAC/Refrigeration equipment that increases efficiency while decreasing energy consumption. Read more….
Clean Air AiraBella

Germicidal ultraviolet light has the intense energy levels to blast through the outer structure of living micro-organisms and viruses and damages their structural and genetic molecules. Our patented AiraBella product can help you produce germ-free indoor air so you and the people you depend on can live and breath easy! Read more….

fvpic1-web The Flute Valve
The Flute Valve is a device installed in a refrigerant line that improves the efficiency of the refrigerant device with interior fins that serve to create a turbulent flow. It is useful where long pipe runs line that improves the efficiency of the refrigerant flow. Read more….
rms1 The RMS-1
The RMS-1, like the Articmaster, is a mechanical device installed in the refrigerant circulation line of HVAC equipment. However, where the Articmaster improves efficiency at the condenser, the RMS-1 works to improve efficiency at the evaporator. Read more….
ultra-clean Ultra Clean

UltraClean uses Ultraviolet light to disinfect a variety of devices like unused patient supplies, vital signs monitors, wheelchairs, iv pumps, ventilators, keyboards, and tablets. UltraClean provides individual protection for both patient and staff and is cost effective. Read more….

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