Articmaster Testimonials

What clients are saying about the Articmaster:

“NASA purchased these units… and installed them for evaluation. I have since left NASA to take a similar position at Applied Komatsu Technology, and I am impressed enough with the (Articmaster) that we will be utilizing the (Articmaster) here as well… the (Articmaster) did everything the company said it would: head pressure and suction pressure dropped considerably… Energy consumption went down by well over 20%…. I am very pleased… and would not hesitate recommending it to anyone.”
Mike Murray
Chief Engineer/Site Manager
ABM-Engineering Services
Applied Komatsu Technology

“The results of the electrical trending exceeded the guaranteed savings and I was impressed with the operation of this small device… (Articmaster) is a great after market device and should be considered if your facility is proactive on saving energy. I have recommended this product to fellow associates and industry professionals who are also happy with their results..”
Stefan Mirasole
Chief Engineer
Lockheed Martin Fairchild Systems

“..We have installed several (Articmaster) in the our central offices,as a result, we were able to drop the average by 27% under load… We have experienced excellent results in all of our central offices, in one case 41 degree air out of the vent…”
W.S. Howard, Jr.
Plant Manager
Millington Telephone

“(We have) reviewed this device and has determined that it should not have any negative effects on the products or system..”
J. Michael Weise
Corporate Government Affairs
The Trane Company

“After installation of the Articmaster… the amperage demand of the 10-ton split system dropped from an average of 22.2 Amps to a average of 21 Amps (-1.2 amps) and the supply air ran 8 degrees colder thus allowing the required Relative Humidity of 40% to be met… Both the efficienly and performance of the 10-ton split system have been improved with the installation of the Articmaster. We anticipate continued energy savings with the Articmaster.”
John W. Johnson
Office Building Manager
State of California Archives