Case Studies

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Local 716 Houston Texas Read about how the POWERHOUSE is lowering energy costs at the local union hall in Houston, Texas.
Main Event Entertainment - small Read about how the POWERHOUSE is lowering energy costs at a 60,000 square foot entertainment facility– reducing reactive power losses, reducing energy demand spikes, and more.
KFC Restaurant Read about how the POWERHOUSE lowered this restaurant's energy usage This test was performed on a restaurant franchise chain of 5 stores. The Powersaver 208/240 was installed on 1 of the stores and the other 4 were used as control subjects.
Residential Home Read about how this customer reduced his electric bill! Read about a customer who had extremely high electric bills at his home and saved about 50% on average after installing the POWERHOUSE.
maxresdefault-2 Applied Research Laboratories Report – Summit Medical Building: These tests were conducted by Applied Research Laboratories of South Florida, LLC.  ARL completed an analysis on the energy consumption for the Summit Medical Building in Nashville, TN.  The results of their analysis can be viewed by clicking on the above link.

Champion Car Wash

maxresdefault-2 During a GE conducted study at a KFC franchise, with the POWERHOUSE unit turned on for a period of 1 hour a 2.64 percent decrease in Apparent Power was realized.
maxresdefault-2 Read about a test performed at Bekum Injection Molding.


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